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The Yonder Night Out is Back!

March 21, 2023

Look we hear you going ‘about bloody time’, but, yes, Yonder Nights are fucking back.

It’s been a minute, no doubt, but with a bit of persuading, a couple breakdowns, many beers and just a dash of hustle, they are here to stay. The groundwork has been laid with our fresh bar redesign being a token of commitment to delivering what we think will be the night out you would kick yourself over missing.

From Thursday to Saturday night Yonder will be open all the way through to the scary hours of the morning, with cracking evening bites, fresh cocktails and some of the best live music acts NZ and the World has to offer coming to our stage. 

Our night’s menu has been refined, with crowd favourite Bao Buns and Tacos returning and yes, the cheese bread is back as well. This new take on the old menu is only going to expand over the coming weeks and months, accompanied by a new cocktail menu. Bar Manager, Paul, has worked hard to create some of the best tasting and looking (in our ever humble opinion) cocktails we have seen this side of town. Light and refreshing on all ends with DJ’s playing beats on the patio – ready to guide you into the late night.

While this post has quite a cocky attitude to it, it’s fed with a genuine excitement for what’s coming. Last week’s Bar Bash Launch Night was a reminder of what was and while we know we cant make up for lost time, we are going to give it a red hot crack. 

Come on down, nights at Yonder are only going to expand and we cant wait to see what that looks like. 

Looking forward to catching up over a beer. 😉

Thursday to Saturday 8AM – LATE

Happy Hour is from 4PM – 6PM 

Online booking is available for groups of 4 or more


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