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The Heritage

Well what a building we had to play with. We’ve spent many days and nights designing and dreaming about creating an interesting space for Queenstown and James McNeill’s 1885 cottage is a perfect host for our mischief. We wanted to create a bright and airy space throughout the day, to add a conservatory type feel to The World Bar next door. By night, the place transforms and gives a whole different experience for dinner, beers or live entertainment.

It’s all about having a bit of fun, and the layers of the venue help us break down a few social boundaries and pre-conceptions. We’ve mixed old with new to embrace the natural beauty of this historic building and by implementing contrasting colours and furniture we’ve helped these old stone walls shine. Whether it’s our pastel pink Victoria Arduino Black Eagle espresso machine, or a framed Bill Murray portrait in a commanding position above the fireplace, we hope to put a little smile on your face.

“We’ve mixed old with new to embrace the natural beauty of this historic building”

What we’ve created

There’s numerous little nooks, booths, groups tables or the outdoor sun drenched courtyard to get comfortable in and we’re able to adapt to groups of any size, functions of any type and entertainment of any style. So come and hang out, have a wander about and get yourself comfortable anytime of day or night down Yonder.

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