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Queenstown Brunch Menu

March 28, 2019

We wanted to update our Queenstown brunch menu before the rain set in. Then the subtle realization that the sun is already setting behind the Skyline Gondola. Ready or not, winter is coming. Last Fall Quanta’s was kind enough to include us in their Ulitmate Ski Season Guide to Queenstown and call us The Best Brunch in Queeenstown.

We’re always traveling, reading and scheming new dishes to add to our menu. This winter is no exception. We’ve got a pocket full new ideas that we’ll be releasing just as you start trying on those grody old ski boots to see if they still fit.

Against our better judgement, we’ve released the creative coffee minds from behind the espresso machine. The Yonder coffee team has some truly unique vegan latte’s they’ll be dropping next week. Naturally, we want to have the best coffee in Queenstown, but we also want to bring some weirdness to the local beverage scene. Sometimes a flat white every day is just so. damn. boring. Try something new like the vegan latte special or our Cold Bro Martini, housemade cold brew coffee made right here in Queenstown. If that’s not your thing, we’ve got a pretty damn good flat white too.

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