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Queenstown’s best coffee card

April 18, 2019

So looking for Queenstowns best coffee while you’re living that #vanlife and bouncing from place to place. By now you’re sick of black plunger coffee, and besides who doesn’t want to search out the best coffee shops in New Zealand while you travel? If you’re serious about you brew, you know that this struggle is somewhat real.

This is where the Coffee Card comes in. Easy, free and portable, Coffee Card lets you gain rewards no matter where you choose to sip. Plus, it frees up some space in your wallet so you don’t end up looking like poor George.

“It is also a point of difference between cafes. A tourist passing through with the app will choose an outlet from the location map,”
“It’s good for everyone, the cafes, the locals, the tourists.”

-Coffee Card creator Ben Clark

Yonder is stoked to provide this service to provide free coffee’s to all those that earn it in Queenstown. Buy 9 coffees anywhere in New Zealand and earn Queenstowns best coffee from us. We serve more than just great coffee, check out our drinks menu here.

We’re happily supplied by our homies at Supreme coffee and bring a globally trained army of experienced baristas to every cup of coffee we make.

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