Queenstown Story Slam Podcast Launch

August 20, 2019
Queenstown Story SLam

Queenstown Story Slam has quickly become one of Queenstown’s most unique and well-loved events. Each month Abby and Claire host an array of hand-selected stories from all over the world to be told live. Their goal is to encourage human connection in our transient town. Each month has a theme that invites storytellers to explore themes like, “this might hurt”, “hello and goodbye”, “recipe book” and “happy accidents”. Qt Story slam is the first and only live storytelling event in the region.

listen to QT Story Slam Podcast now.

After 5 months of successful months, Claire and Abby have launched the Queenstown Story Slam podcast. Now available on Apple Podcast, you can catch the best stories online or once a month at the free live storytelling at Yonder. This podcast is the perfect edition for the binge podcaster especially for fans of Serial or The Month. Follow their facebook page to get exclusive content and find out how you can participate.

Queenstown story slam 2