Queenstown with Kids

April 13, 2020

Queenstown with kids is a little bit easier with a guide like Rachael Tagg. Parents across the world are finding out how hard it is to be locked in with little ones. Our Yonder team is experiencing this first hand, with a few babies in our own ranks! Resort towns are notorious for not being the most hospitable places for families. They can be crowded, hard to navigate and under-resourced in child-friendly activities. Thankfully, Queenstown isn’t one of these places. Family-friendly events like LUMA and WinterFest, as well as an ever-growing amount of hospitality establishments to catering better to families.

Luma and Winterfest are both aimed at reframing Queenstown as a place to be enjoyed by families from all over New Zealand. Having events that are child and family-friendly is an important part of Queenstown tourism, one that we support by making healthy and fun meals for the little ones.

Still, with all the progress to be more inclusive for families, Queenstown can still be a hard place to navigate with kids. Going anywhere new can be hard enough, but having a little extra guidance can help.

We where so stoked to be included among best places to eat with kids in Queenstown according to photographer Rachael Tagg. We try to make a kids offering that is as well-loved as our adult food. You can see our menu here.

You can read Rachel’s article called Best Places to eat…With Kids in her Queenstown Adventure blog here.