July 24, 2019

A rare sighting of an unidentified cocktail has been spotted on the Yonder Instagram, so teams of experts have been assembled, and although the pictures are dark, there seems to be a consensus that this drink is the mythical Uga Booga. The Uga Booga is sweet, tart, boozy and served in the best damn glass in town. Word on the street is that this drink will be featured on Yonder’s new cocktail menu.

“Locals card only” Queenstown happy hour for the launch of the new drinks will be dropping in the next few weeks, so you should get your hands on a locals card faster than A$AP Rocky can get out of jail. How can you get in on all these good times? All you have to do is stop by and sign up for your free local’s card, then sit patiently by your inbox.

The current Yonder cocktail menu .