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“Good Time Dining” with Yonder’s new menu

May 24, 2019

The story behind Yonder Queenstown’s new brunch & dinner menu.

Our aim for the new menu is to deliver a fun assortment of dishes, collected from our travels around the world. Good Time Dining is the mantra. We want to be the place where you try one dish you like and one dish you’ve never heard of in the same seating, ideally while bopping along to a jazz/rap instrumental that you can’t quite place (most definitely it’s something from MF.Doom).

We aren’t a conglomerate of industry specialists that run our food through a profit making algorithm. We’re a collection of misfits, all under the age of 40, that want to live inside of this little art project that we call Yonder. For some people, that doesn’t sit well. They want square plates, square meals and white sheets. But that’s not us.

For this newest release, our menu brings some more asian inspired dishes like Laksa and Korean inspired short ribs. You’ll also recognise some remixes of handheld street food favourites like a breakfast taco and a killer steak sandwich. For the more adventurous there is the amazingly flavourful Congee, an asian rice porridge packed with some flavours that will shock your morning tastebuds awake in the am. Naturally, we kept plenty of vegan and vegetarian options that are tempting enough for everyone. Standouts include the new Nourish Bowl and Vegan Breakfast Butty.

We don’t make vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free food because its trending. We make it because our club leader Gary got MS and food has helped him heal. At Yonder we want everyone to have options and to eat together, talk about food, experience food and maybe even argue a little bit about food. Like who’s got the best plate. You can read about how far we’ve come from day one here.

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