This place is a Tardis

December 05, 2017

Queenstown Lunch
“This place is a Tardis!” (Pleasantly surprised customer, Nov 2017)

Since I found out back in March that Gary was going to be taking over McNeill’s cottage, I was instantly intrigued. The World Bar has long been my favourite place to hang out in town, so I knew whatever Gary had planned was going to be awesome! I wasn’t wrong.

During the renovation stages, I’d popped in a couple of times to see the transformation taking place and was blown away each time! It’s hard to imagine what a place will look like as a finished article when there are dust sheets and half built structures everywhere but there were a few defining moments for me when I remember thinking “I have to work here!”

First was the stage – the flashing, neon lights surrounding our iconic logo remind me of a sunset, or sunrise, depending on the time of day. Second – the pink spaceship that is our coffee machine, lovingly named ‘Pascal’ by our shit- hot baristas. Next – and this was probably the biggest “WOW” moment for me… when I walked in and saw the Andrew Steele mural on the wall in the main bar; if this doesn’t invoke creativity, I don’t know what will. It was then I realised how multi-faceted this venue is. And this was before it was finished!!
Since opening, we’ve seen just how malleable the space can be; from breakfast baps to birthday bubbles, it’s already been host to many different events. Benches fold up, tables slide down and stools stack away to create a space that’s equally suited to sun salutations as it is to some serious shape throwing on the dance floor.

Customers walk around the place and I know they’re experiencing the same things I did when I first walked in; and the surprises just keep coming! Quite often I hear people saying, “It’s so cool in here”, “Wow, look at the coffee machine”, “Oh, you do dinner as well?” and “Is this all the same place?” I’ve often served the same customers at dinner who have been in for breakfast who are surprised by the difference in atmosphere, which is reflected in their experience.

More recently, our gorgeous, sun-drenched courtyard received a bit of a makeover in the form of some seriously sleek black and white candy-striped awnings which has taken the transformation of this place to the next level.

So, if you haven’t already, come take a wander down to Yonder! You’ll be pleasantly surprised…

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