Testing the trends; Turmeric, Beetroot and Charcoal Lattes

December 06, 2017

For years now in the coffee world nothing has really challenged that classic cup of joe, that for so many of us is the main reason to roll out of bed for in the morning, and to be frank why should it? Whether it’s your cafetière at home or espresso based delight at your local coffee shop, coffee is such a go to giving you that morning motivation and the caffeinated buzz to get your mind doing even the simplest tasks. When it gets to 3pm and you’ve slumped but you need that pick me up to drag you to the end of your working day, coffee is the go to again, and although the caffeine will kick in and get you through it, there’s always the risk that you’ve gone too far and you’ll be up till the early hours with your mind whirring about god-knows-what and before you know it, it’s 7am and you need another cup to try and recover from last night’s caffeine fuelled insomnia fest.

Without taking coffee down from its rightfully earned pedestal, there’s a new offer cropping up in experimental cafes around the globe that are trying to test their regulars with non-caffeinated beverages and a slightly healthier option. Maybe it’s time to kick the habit and mix up your regular flat white or long black with a healthier, supercharged latte. The colours alone are stunning enough to intrigue even the most conservative espresso-a-day kinda guy but with flavours like turmeric, beetroot and charcoal flying about, we just had to give them a go. So, we present to you, Yonder’s specialty lattes.


This golden drink was the birth of the latte craze but actually originates years and years ago with turmeric drinks being used in India as its anti-inflammatory properties are just so wondrous on the human body. It’s been linked to relieving muscle pain, reducing cholesterol and boosting the immune system just to name a few benefits; and if you weren’t already sold on it, we wanted to jazz it up a bit so created ours with a blend of a few others spices to really create a flavour that does the health benefits justice. We mix our beautiful golden paste with steamed coconut milk and oh-my the results are just delightful. Go on, do it, spice up ya life!


People tend to be more cautious with trying this one; beetroot has such a strong flavour as it is and it’s more the kind that people want in their salads rather than a drink but we combine it with freshly zested and juiced orange and the flavours combine to create a magical pink treat that aesthetically is ridiculously pleasing but also awakens those taste buds. Of course, it has its health benefits too! Beetroot fights inflammation as well as detoxifying the liver due to its high level of antioxidants; who would say no to that! Again we use our beloved coconut milk to tie it all together and we end up with this rose coloured sweet treat.


This is the real dark horse of the three. A black latte is mysterious enough to entice anyone. Let’s be honest, and when you mention it’s made from activated charcoal people become even more intrigued. Activated charcoal has been used medicinally for ages to remove toxins from the body but also helps with bloating, anti-ageing and cleansing the digestive system. Sure enough, you could just take a capsule of this black magic but why not drink it with a friend one morning in our cottage and enjoy the beautiful vanilla and coconut twist we give to it.

You must be at least a little bit curious right? We reckon this is one trend that’s here to stay.

Hope to see you soon

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