Sustainability: A Change Is Coming

December 15, 2017

the-world-famous-sustainable-cocktailThe times are changing, and it’s not just a Yonder ‘ting’ but the hospitality world is about to embrace sustainability, and you’re going to be more impressed than you first think.

Over the past couple of years in my professional career, sustainability is making a significant impact in the day to day operations in bars all over the world. And with our New Menu launch just around the corner, we are focused on pushing the boundaries of fruit waste products and how close we can get to a Zero waste bar program, if that’s even possible.

I’m sure you have noticed our ‘NO STRAWS’ policy. In the US alone 500million plastic straws are used each day. That number should be shocking enough but then to learn it takes up to 200 years for ONE straw to break down. Ooo-wee that’s crazy to us. And there is nothing wrong in getting a face-full of cocktail.

So where do we start? Well let’s take the humble lemon, a delicious citrus fruit with a very versatile nature.


( The Lemon Board – A few product we can use from the humble lemon)

 I’m sure you have all heard of our infamous Homemade lemonade. A product we are very proud of, and as a little Brucey bonus a very sustainable cocktail also. We use the whole lemon and nothing but the lemon… well a little sugar and water also, but you get my point. A timely process we have mastered. However, there is still waste! Left over husks from juicing and pulp. But don’t fear we got a plan, left over husks are used to make our sustainable lemon vodka; a vodka ‘over-steeped’ to create a wonderful lemony, floral and slightly bitter vodka, which is then reintroduced to our sweet & sour lemon sherbets“and balanced with a long pour of soda, delicious. Our last challenge was the pulp. After squeezing and filtering the fresh juice we are left over with pulp. So we turned it into a beautiful citrus gel, which adds a hit of sour and helps elaborate any cocktail it’s in with a more viscous mouth feel.

As a fairly new bar program, we are still developing our ideas into reality. All I can say is watch this space for more exciting developments, and make sure you pop down and let us take you ‘beyond the yonder’.

New Cocktail Menu Officially Launches 20th December.






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